A-Plus English Online Joins China Educational Expo

September 15, 2011 - Beijing, China

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A-Plus English Online, a member of the ADEC Group, recently participated in the International Child Educational Expo (ICEE) held in Beijing, China. The ICEE is Asia's leading early childhood trade and consumer event, attracting over 100,000 attendees this year.

The A-Plus English Online booth at the event provided free online English lessons to both children and adults. Experienced and certified A-Plus language instructors conducted the lessons via the A-Plus interactive online platform. "People lined up to get a chance to experience our online lessons. Most of the children were having so much fun they didn't want to leave," said Jenny Donovan, Corporate Planning for A-Plus.

Proficiency in the English language is among the most sought-after skills in the global economy. In countries and regions where English is not a native language, online English lessons have proven to be a more accessible and viable alternative to classroom learning, according to A-Plus executives.

A-Plus English Online provides one-on-one, fully interactive lessons through a customized online platform. Though one-on-one lessons have traditionally been prohibitively expensive for most learners, A-Plus offers competitively priced lessons with the same high quality as the more established language schools in China.

A-Plus students are provided the best instructors and lessons. The company selects instructors with prior teaching credentials and language instruction experience then puts them through the A-Plus Language Institute for additional training in the "WISE" method of language instruction created by the A-Plus curriculum development team. The WISE method creates an immersion experience with guided structured and experiential practice in a total English environment.

The A-Plus group had two stations for demonstration lessons, and both were continuously full during the ICEE event. Donovan attributes this to the success the learners had with the WISE method, noting, "students who didn't know any English before participating in our demos walked away speaking some English words and phrases".

Interested students can register for a free trial lesson at