A-Plus Languages

Knowing the value of conversing in a foreign language either for business or leisure, BPO Asia Institute (BAI) offers A-Plus Languages under the A-Plus International School brand.

A-Plus offers quality online education that focuses on Chinese, Spanish and English language proficiency. Our learners get to experience the culture and speak the language of a country all without leaving their classrooms. Our teachers ensure the languages they teach are as near native levels as possible. The virtual classroom of A-Plus is both convenient and personalized, and anyone who wishes to learn Chinese, Spanish and English as a second language will definitely be engaged and learn in just a short span of time. Our learning solutions also expand to various schools who want to deploy a language program to their students.

Through its cutting-edge technology with the help of its highly competent and friendly faculty, A-Plus provides dynamic online learning solutions for any age and proficiency level. These, combined with our learning management system, are the keys to our success. This is the power of teaching and technology that only A-Plus can deliver = teA+chnology.

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