Corporate Training

In today's corporate world, it is necessary for you to be able to communicate well in any type of industry that you find yourself in. Different industries have different approaches in communicating with customers and clients, making their reports or doing presentations.

A-Plus English Online offers English training for specific niches and purposes. By targeting communications for a specific field, you will learn proper jargons and syntax that is appropriate for your chosen field of expertise. In addition, we offer customized curriculum to meet the English language needs of different occupations.

A-Plus English Online has the capability to tailor-fit our English language training programs to your learning requirements. To top it all, we have the expertise, reach, and infrastructure to make it all happen and work at your convenience.

Some of the programs we have customized for selected industries are:

a. English for Finance Sector

b. English for the Hospitality and Service Industry

c. English for Health and Allied Medicine Industry


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