A-Plus English Online teams up with organizations renowned for providing quality products and services to their clients:

A-Plus International School

A-Plus International Basic Education is the perfect setting for your children to learn the basics of the Mandarin language as well as harness their abilities to compute complex math problems faster with the Abacus Mental Arithmetic method. To know more about our Preschool program, Mandarin programs for kids, teens and adults, and the Abacus Mental Arithmetic method, visit

Muffy’s Education 

Global Track is Muffy’s after-school program for student ages 6 to 14. It makes use of internationally-renowned materials for their language programs and a self-designed, broad-based curriculum to make learning fun and enriching.

A-Plus provides English classes to Global Track students who wish to augment their studies with personalized one-on-one language instruction.

Cambridge Books

As a licensed distributor of Cambridge published books, A-Plus English Online offers study materials designed to complement the A-Plus learning system.


Koolearn offers professional certification courses and skills training in areas such as Business English, Finance, Management, and IT language training and test preparation for all ages. Koolearn and A-Plus collaborate on a number of product offerings.

Institute of Contemporary Observation

A-Plus is the provider of Business English courses to ICO’s employees.

ICO is a civil society organization dedicated to labor development and corporate social responsibility.  They work with multinational corporations (MNC), international organizations and local institutions to help MNCs enforce international labor standards within their supply chain and help them build more competitive business solutions.


Global Online Association of Learning (GOAL) collaborates with A-Plus to promote the Philippine's online education industry.  They work hand in hand in establishing standards that meet the growing demand for quality online instruction.

GOAL is a non-profit association that represents the interest of educational institutions, teachers, students, and organizations in promoting and improving online education globally.


A-Plus provides Qzone members easy access to online apps like TalkEasy – an app that provides live English language courses.

Qzone, created by Tencent Holdings Limited, is the leading social networking website in China.  It offers a wide range of online activities like microblogging, photo sharing, and music playing.