About A-Plus

A-Plus English Online provides institutions worldwide with access to the best online educational resources, focusing on Chinese and English language proficiency.  Backed by world-class technology and a highly competent faculty, A-Plus English Online offers scalable, effective and dynamic online learning solutions across cultures who desire to learn English as a Second Language and engage in a highly competitive world. 

Why learn English?

As a global language, English opens doors for everyone to access a wealth of knowledge, a huge network, and numerous business opportunities.  More and more, the ability to speak in English becomes paramount to effectively communicate and cope with the demands of everyday life.

Parents, kids and adults are all recognizing the importance of learning English as a second language.  Without the ability to understand the language, students, especially at the university level, find it a challenge to pass exams.  For companies, being competitive means speaking good English, which is now commonplace in a globalized world.


Provide world-class English language solutions supported by technology that enables partner organizations, institutions, communities and individuals to transcend geographic and cultural barriers while enjoying the lifetime value of quality education.


Lead the way in providing global online English Language Solutions to learning organizations, institutions, families and individuals who are committed to building a better life for their future.


In 2003, A-Plus International School was established in the Philippines.  We started out with an initial set-up of educational projects in English and Mandarin.

With the commitment to provide excellent language services at a global scale, we continued to help students and cooperative schools enhance their language ability in English and Mandarin.  By 2006, 15 private schools in the Philippines cooperated with us to launch the project “Integration of Chinese Language Schools”.

In October 2010, A-Plus International launched A-Plus English Online Training, which enables online study of the English language through the internet.  Since then, A-Plus English Online has ushered in an unprecedented era of online teaching and created a big and new platform in English language.

In 2011, A-Plus English set-up a branch in Xiamen, China with the aim to support the development of A-Plus English online in the country.

Since then, we have continued to provide the best learning environment for people who are eager to learn English as a second language.


  • 2003 – Establishment of A-Plus International School that offers a dual language program to their students
  • 2006 – A-Plus launches Mandarin language school integration program with over 15 private schools in the Philippines who participated
  • 2010 – A-Plus English Online was established, providing live online English training
  • 2011 – Xiamen office opens, strengthening support for English online and Mandarin online in China