The WISE Method

A-Plus English Online gives you the most effective learning experience with our specialized “WISE” Method.  Through years of studying, researching and teaching the different methods available, our Curriculum Development Team has combined best practices to create a teaching method specific to online learning.  We created and continued to improve our immersion experience with guided, structured and experiential practice in a complete English environment.

The WISE Method is appropriate to all age and skill levels and adaptable to all four macro skills.  By application in class flow, the method has four stages:

W – the Warmer

I – the Practical Input

S – the Structure Practice

E – the Experiential Practice

Before starting any lesson, a warm-up exercise is given to set the context and prepare you for learning.  Lessons happen through practical input from your real life experience.  This input is absorbed through use in a structured situation.  Learning and familiarizing is further mastered by the “WISE” method’s experiential approach.  

The “WISE” method combines teaching in a relevant, real, and vivid environment with practice, practice and more practice to achieve results that you retain and recall.