The A-Plus Classroom

The A-Plus English Online Virtual Classroom is a full-feature, interactive platform that ensures easy and enjoyable interaction between learners and their instructors.

Learners can easily access the online virtual classroom from any internet-equipped station – whether at home, in school, or at an internet shop. To maximize the learning process, Help Desk Specialists are on hand to answer the technical questions and concerns that may arise during and after the online classes.

Below are the minimum specifications required to install the Virtual Classroom:

    • CPU – dual core 2.0 GHz
    • RAM – 1GB
    • Hard disk drive – 2GB
    • Operating system – Windows XP
    • Connection speed – ADSL
    • Other requirements:
      • Sound blaster, sound card, headset and webcam (VFW and DirectX)

Click here to view instructions on how to install the A-Plus Online Virtual Classroom. You can also download the instructions as a PDF file. Or, view the classroom installation instructions through this video: