A+ English Online Classroom Platform

Installation Guide

  1. 1. Go to Click on Program Installer.
  2. 2. Click Run.
  3. 3. Select English from the dropdown menu, then click OK. If English is not supported by the operating system of the PC, then it will not appear in the menu.
  4. 4. Click Next.
  5. 5. Click Install.
  6. 6. Click Finish.
  7. 7. Type your name, Select Student, and click on Login.
  8. 8. The system will automatically check if the software is properly installed or not. If not, it will install it for you. You will see the following pop-up:

    If the software is properly installed, the system will start the program. You will see the following pop-up:
  9. 9. The Device Setup Wizard window will pop-up. Click Next.
  10. 10. Test your camera. Be sure your camera is detected. Your image should appear in the video box. Click Next.
  11. 11. Check your speaker settings. Test your speakers. Do not set the volume to maximum to avoid having echoes. Click Next.
  12. 12. Click Test microphone. Speak into the microphone. Make sure the Stop testing bar moves as you speak into the microphone. Click Next.
  13. 13.Click Next.
  14. 14. Click Finish.
  15. 15. Once the platform has started up, you will be taken to the LOBBY.
    Conferences tab: List of conference rooms. Find your conference and enter it.

    Users List tab: List of users currently online You can look for your teacher here.

    Go to SETTINGS. Audio – It’s advisable that both your microphone and speaker volumes are set midway. Microphone Amplification should also be disabled to minimize echoes.