A-Plus Learning System

A-Plus English Online provides the best learning environment for anyone who desire to learn English as a second language.  We have a wide range of online learning solutions that fit your needs.

Our WISE Method is our own 4-stage Method approach to help learners master the English language.  It is appropriate to all age and skill levels.

We offer an online virtual classroom that is a full-feature, interactive platform that makes learning easier and more enjoyable.  You can interact with other learners and instructors giving a feel of a classroom setting while enjoying the comforts of your own home.

And at the heart of A-Plus English Online is the most important component - the teachers.  They are well-trained to provide high quality instructions for you to learn English without much difficulty.

You will enjoy the applicable curriculum, personalized teaching and undivided attention with the convenience of a cost-effective and delivery anytime, anywhere.