Advanced English

This stage is more focused on using English skills that will help prepare both college students and professionals in their chosen careers.  Lessons and instructions have a deeper level of proficiency with topics ranging from fashion and celebrities to job hunting, that helps create enthusiasm while introducing vocabulary to keep the students' English skills on par with or even exceeding industry standards.

Business English

Focusing on the business setting, Business English prepares managers and executives for various communication tasks such as conducting meetings, negotiating and presenting reports.


Using standard approved review materials, IELTS/TOEFL increases changes of learners to get better marks on examinations.  Through sample questions and exams, this course enhances the learners' skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Writing Aid

Specifically designed for university students, Writing Aid reviews learners on grammar as used in academic discourse.  It also introduces learners to the prescribed style of writing essays and term papers.

Business Writing

Addressing the needs of the professionals, Business Writing prepares learners for the writing-intensive work place by reviewing them on grammar rules.  Lessons are tailored to help learners write letters, memos and reports.

Travel English

With Travel English, learners are exposed to phrases and expressions used when traveling to foreign countries.  Ideal for frequent travelers

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