Beginners English

English is introduced as a second language in an interactive and fun classroom environment.  Lessons are patterned to fit students’ specific needs.  Students will be motivated to learn using simple, age-appropriate tools and will encourage lesson retention.

See and Say

Offered to children ages 4 to 6 years old, See and Say aims to teach learners their first 100 English words.  They learn the alphabet by looking at pictures and letters.

See and Read

Offered to both preschool and primary school children, See and Read exposes learners to more English words.  By learning the spelling, they are also introduced to reading.

Read and Tell

Designed specifically for preschool learners, Read and Tell teaches comprehension by letting learners read simple stories.

Read and Talk

Read and Talk engages learners in the primary school to interpret fables and fairy tales.  Based on the events and characters of the story, they explain what they read.

Jumpstart English

Jumpstart English introduces learners to English by building their vocabulary using familiar objects found at home, school and work.  They also learn how to start and end conversations.

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